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オーランド by Tamakiさん。

By marfua 2009年06月30日 21:32

Tamakiさんから、6月27日(土)オーランドでの M&G のリポートが届きました!

自動翻訳は、こちらのページを参考になさってください。→ Yahoo!翻訳の使い方。

We were instructed to meet Emily Thomas at the gate at 6:15pm and we lined up for M&G. There were two other lines, one at 6:00 dinner, other at 6:30 dinner before the show, but IL DIVO won't dine with them.
While we were waiting a security checked our bags and purses roughly, so I got to take my camera with no problem.
There were fans who went to Jacksonville, then going to Tampa after Orlando. All for M&G tickets.
One lady named Laney is Spanish speaking dressed with skintight knot dress with sequences on the bosom with spaghetti straps.
Then Emily took us to the room for the pictures. The wall was covered with blue cloth, she gave us instructions. No hug, not kisses, because the guys are all dressed for the show and they want no lipsticks not makeups on them.
As we entered the room there were Champagne and water bottles on two tables. We formed the line along the walls.
Sebastien came in first and then others followed and stood against the wall with a space in the middle for us to fit in. From the left, Carlos, Urs, Sebastian and David.
I was surprised that they are smaller that we (Lorraine and I ) have thought. They had mat finished stage make up on, wearing light textured grayish blue suits.

Their suits fit them snugly, but it seems the fabric is thin and didn't have much body. Lorraine and I though they don't look very expensive and we could tell they have been ironed many times. But it is hot on the stage and practical to wear thin fabrics.
They are not skinny nor fat. Everything was in right place. They just stood there.
Urs had a smile and looked warm contrary to the way he looks in pictures. David seemed tense, not smiling... When Laney walked in sexy skin tight dress with super high heels, the guy's eyes drifted to her even their body and face remained stationed.
When my turn came, I greeted everyone, starting with Carlos, by shaking hands. I said, Hello Carlos, he smiled, Hello Urs, then Urs said Hello madam, Hello to Sebastian, he said hello, then when I came to David, I said, David I brought you a gift, it is a Japanese Traditional Songs music book with music sheets.
Then the other guys said, Oh you would like that to David. Then David grabbed the book in a manila envelop from my hands and said, I like them very much.

David tilted his head slightly backward and he looked very happy to have it!
Then I got in between them, between Urs and Sebastien. So I said, guys you can come closer toward me! They laughed.
They took 2 pictures, which will be sent to my email address after a week or so.
So I turned to David, Sebastian, Urs and Carlos and shook each one of their hands. As it was 97F or higher outside, the air conditioner doesn't work so well and it was rather warm inside. All our hands are warm, and their hands are expanded and warm. All of their hands felt warm and plump because of the heat.
And I was warm, too as I wore formal suits jacket with ivory pants. They all looked warm and normal people.
As I live in US and so accustomed to see big people they may have looked smaller than we have thought.
I met fans there too. I asked Emily how many people were there for G &M, and she said they limit to 50 people.
There were well dressed (suits) gay couple 30s to be with IL DIVO, too.
They gave us, program ($20) if you buy, a big zippered wallet type with passport cover in it, made of same material as our Platinum Membership tote.
When the show started.

I did my best to utilize the time, and wanted to greet them like Audry Hepburn in Roman Holidays greeted each reporter with short How do you dos.
Then we were ushered in to our seats. Orchestra 2 Row B.
Many people took pictures during the show.
Sebastian had his wedding ring on, and David had platinum with clustered diamonds on his right finger. Urs had an unique shoes, white on the top of the foot and the rest to be black patent leather when he wore white vest. Sebastian had black patent leather shoes. Carlos and David wore paling black leather shoes.
Do we do G&M again? Absolutely! It's worth every penny! Those Divas I met, they follow 3-5 different concerts doing all G&M! That's a lot of money.
Anyway, their performance was excellent with lots of emotions. A man sat behind us was crying as his heart was touched and moved by their voice and songs.
This is a quick report before I forget what happened in that night.

After finishing the pictures taken, I shook each one of their hands, making sure to look into their eyes, I said, May God bless you to each one of them.
If you can go to You Tube, there several post from IL DIVO (LIVE, Orlando)

ハハハ!Laneyさんの "super high heels" に爆笑しました!
あと、私も写真を撮るときは、 "Guys you can come closer toward me!" (「あなたがた、私に寄れるだけ寄って!」)と言うことにします〜。

manila envelop :ひもの付いた書類封筒
the fabric is thin :薄い(ペラペラの)生地
May God bless you :神の祝福がありますように

カテゴリー: 2009-06-3Il Divo

Marfua san, thank you for posting. I forgot to mention that David said "Thank you , thank you so much!" to me repeatedly. He really liked it, I hope he will find someone to help to read Hiragana. Carlos was quiet, just smiling. Emily said that the pictures they send us, we can forward them to everybody, anywhere and can use it any manner as you please.

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Nora san, I was not nervous nor too excited. When I saw them first time, I was surprised that they are smaller statute than I imagined. In videos, they look big and magnificent with lime lights, smoke and fire works. They look like someone I have known or seen before. Carlos remained still showing no emotions. What surprised me is when Urs greeted me "Hello, Madam.." I thought it to be, a kind of more personal that just Hello. David talked to me like next door neighbor kid I have known for a long time . Sebastian was quiet. I wanted to make sure I would walk tall with good posture and confidence...

投稿者 tamaki : 2009年07月01日 23:45


つまみ読みですが冷静な観察眼はしっかり読みとれました。日本の唱歌集はGood ideaですね。

投稿者 そにょ : 2009年07月02日 12:20


彼女の skin tight dressにはDivo達の視線も。。。 だったのですね。

Ursはつま先が白い、黒とコンビの靴。これってちょっと趣味悪っ、と思っちゃいました。(God Fatherの世界?)

私もUrsに"Hello Madam"と言われてみたい!


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The name of the book is Yasashiku Hikeru Piano Solo Monbusho shoka. Doyoushu by Matsubara Miko(? Utsukushi Ko no kanjidesu)

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Il Divoの会は1時間で失礼してしまったので、全然お話しできなかったですよね。来週の9日はゆっくりできると思うので、ぜひ〜。

投稿者 まーふあ;marfua : 2009年07月04日 21:04